In 2019, Jordan Disposal started a large-scale tire processing plant for the efficient disposal of bulkwaste tires.

With our tire shredding facility, we can dispose of approximately 100 tons of tires every day! We normally receive and process tires in 53ft semi-trailers which our team unloads into our tire processing facility.

The Process

Typically, we will empty your trailer full within a day and the majority of our customers have multiple trailers and are able to pick up an empty one when they drop a full trailer. We can also set trailers for you to fill, and haul your tires to our facility.

Trucks and trailers are weighed in at our main facility address:

1040 E Front St
Galena, KS 66739

They are then sent to our tire processing location which is close by.

We can handle passenger car tires, semi tires, farm tires, skid-steer and forklift tires. We currently do not accept OTR tires or oversize (more than 4ft) diameter tires. We can provide proof of destruction certificates for tires that have to be destroyed.

We do our best to make the process as quick and simple as possible so you can be on your way.

Why Recycle Your Tires

Tires can be a lot of work to get recycled, They are often big bulky and awkward to transport but it is worth the extra effort. Old tires are an environmental hazard, and there are many ways recycling old tires benefits our environment. Here are just a couple of reasons to recycle your tires.

Conserves Landfill Space

Tires take up tons of space in landfills they are round, hollow and bulky which makes them really awkward to dispose of. Eliminating big items that take up too much space leaves room for other things that can’t be easily recycled.

Can be Used to Create New Products

Recycled tires can often be turned into many useful products. One common product of recycled tires that you may not think of is tire-derived fuel. This fuel is much more energy-efficient than typical fuel from coal, it releases fewer harmful emissions which is part of what makes it so environmentally friendly. Other products made from recycled tires include rubberized asphalt, flooring, railroad ties, and playground turf.  These products are a great way to use old tires and they also tend to work better than any brand new alternatives. For all the DIY people out there recycled tires can also be used for garden planters, home playgrounds, and some really unique outdoor furniture.

Many tires also contain steel, fiber, and nylon that can be used in other industries.

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