Tire Processing


In 2019, we started the large-scale tire processing plant for the efficient disposal of bulkwaste tires.

With our tire shredding facility, we can now handle approximately 100 tons of tires per day. We typically receive and process tires in 53ft semi-trailers which we unload into our tire processing facility.

Typically, we will empty your trailer within a day and most customers have multiple trailers and pick up and empty one when they drop a full trailer. We can also set trailers for you to fill, and haul your tires to our facility.

Trucks/Trailers are weighed in at our main facility address:

1040 E Front St
Galena, KS 66739

They will then be directed to the tire processing location which is in close proximity.

We can handle passenger car tires, Semi tires, farm tires and skid-steer and forklift tires. We currently do not accept OTR tires or oversize (more than 4ft) diameter tires. We can provide proof of destruction certificates for tires that have to be destroyed.