If you are ready to take on your small home renovation project over the holiday break and want to rent a dumpster that is the perfect size for your project, we recommend ordering Jordan Disposal’s six-yard dumpster. 

For simple projects such as a bathroom remodel, you won’t need a large dumpster taking up unnecessary space in your driveway. You wouldn’t want to order an 8 or 10-yard dumpster and then realize that you only used half of it. That is why it is better to opt for the six-yard dumpster that Jordan Disposal has readily available for you when you decide to take on that project. 

What Is The Cost Of A 6 Yard Dumpster?

On average, 6-yard dumpsters cost anywhere from $150 – $500 dollars depending on the area in which you live and also how long you will need the dumpster. If you live in the Missouri, Kansas, or Oklahoma area, you can rent a dumpster from Jordan Disposal for only $150.00 which makes it 100% worth having when you want to start tearing up a room in your house and need somewhere to throw all that construction debris. 

What Is Your Project?

If you are working on a yard project, this dumpster would be your go-to bin. But that is not the only thing it is good for. Perhaps you are getting your roof refinished. Throw all your old shingles in the six-yard dumpster and let us do the rest of the work by hauling it off for you. 

There is no better feeling than when you make a huge mess and are able to leave it for someone else to clean it. At Jordan Disposal, we can haul many types of waste, including Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris, household trash/municipal waste, asbestos, tires, and more. You’ll never have to leave home to complete your waste disposal. 

You Won’t Need To Make Extra Trips To The Landfill

Nothing is more annoying than starting a project, paying a handyman to dispose of the trash, and then spending extra money because of how many trips it takes to haul it all away. Avoid the hassle, pay a one-time fee, and have it all removed from your home in one short trip by ordering a six-yard dumpster.  

At Jordan Disposal, our professional drivers and equipment ensure that you get your boxes set where you need them on time and picked up when you are finished with them. 

Why You Should Consider Ordering Your Dumpster From Jordan Disposal

Jordan Disposal has been serving the Joplin area for over 100 years and the tradition of a family business and caring service continues today. We have managed the City of Galena Construction & Demolition Landfill since 2011 and offer a convenient and affordable place to dispose of all construction, demolition, roofing waste, household trash, and tires. Our professional and courteous staff will always be on hand to assist. We pride ourselves in offering the best service. 

To order your dumpster today, call Michelle Murphy at (620) 210-1999.