The Galena Landfill is in a convenient location easy to access with any sized load/truck. We service all the surrounding counties including: Cherokee, Jasper, Barton, Newton, Crawford, Labette, Craig, Ottawa; Delaware. We are located in Galena, Kansas – just to the West of Joplin, and service the entire Tri-State area. Right off Old Route 66.

  • Safe and easy access for any vehicle, from a ½ ton truck/trailer to a 50ft end dump semi truck
  • Assistance available with unloading, or frozen/stuck loads from our friendly and professionals staff onsite
  • Fast turn around – don’t waste time driving further or taking more time to unload
  • Sorting station for loads below 2 tons or hand unloading of any type of debris or trash (see permitted items list)

Rules of the Landfill

No smoking on the property at any time.

10 MPH throughout the landfill.

You will have to weigh in and out of the landfill on our scales/weighbridge.

Wear your hard hat and high visibility vest at all times while out of your vehicle.

Wait for our spotter to instruct you where to dump.

Do not un-tarp until you are on the landfill in the un-tarping zone.

No non-dumping trailers are allowed on the landfill face, they must hand unload at the sorting station.

Safety Gear

Everyone is required to wear a hard hat, safety vest, and close-toe shoes before they go to the landfill.
You can borrow a hard hat and safety vest at the scale house free of charge, or you can purchase new ones.

Bad Weather Can Affect Landfill Operations

To keep our employees and all customers safe, we follow KDHE regulations when it comes to bad weather
In the event of lightning strikes during a thunderstorm, everyone must evacuate the landfill for 30 minutes from the last strike
For current updates on bad weather, call the office or check us out on Facebook.

Assistance Unloading at the Landfill

Due to safety and liability, we do not use our equipment to help unload, unless by specific prior arrangement.

What Can & Can’t be Dumped in our Landfill 

A Construction and Demolition (C&D) landfill receives construction and demolition debris, which typically consists of roadwork material, excavated material, demolition waste, construction/renovation waste, and site clearance waste. Our C&D landfill does not receive hazardous waste or industrial solid waste. A longer list is on our website, please call or fill out the form on our website if you have any questions.