It’s time to pull out the sweaters and prepare for colder days here in the Joplin area. It’s also the perfect time to keep our green habits thriving. At Jordan Disposal, we’re all about sustainability year-round, and we believe that a drop in temperature shouldn’t mean a drop in our commitment to composting.

Why Composting Matters More in the Cold

A Seasonal Shift in Mindset

Composting is often associated with the spring and summer when gardens are blooming and the soil is hungry for nutrients. However, fall is a critical time to maintain your composting efforts. The organic waste you contribute now will break down over winter, providing a rich, fertile foundation for next year’s planting season.

The Science of Composting in Cooler Weather

As the mercury dips, the microbial activity in compost piles slows down—but it doesn’t stop. With the right balance of browns (carbon-rich materials) and greens (nitrogen-rich materials), along with occasional turning, your compost pile can continue to decompose throughout the fall and even into winter.

Adapting Your Composting Practices for Fall

Selecting the Right Spot

Choose a location for your compost pile or bin that receives ample sunlight throughout the day to help keep it warm. Also, ensure it’s shielded from strong winds that can cool it down and dry it out. Proximity to your home can also make it more convenient to add kitchen scraps even when it’s chilly outside.

Balancing Your Browns and Greens

Fall provides an abundance of brown materials like dried leaves, straw, and sawdust. Layer these with your green kitchen scraps like vegetable peelings and fruit waste to create the perfect mix for your compost pile. A good balance will help maintain the necessary heat for decomposition during colder weather.

Jordan Disposal’s Role in Your Composting Journey

Community Composting with Jordan Disposal

For those who may not have the space or time for home composting, Jordan Disposal offers a solution. Bring your organic waste to us, and we’ll ensure it’s turned into nutrient-rich compost that benefits local agriculture and landscaping projects.

Our Tools, Your Composting Success

Whether you need a yard waste dumpster for a major fall cleanup or just some advice on how to keep your compost pile active in colder weather, we’re here to support you. Our team is committed to providing resources and services that empower our community to live sustainably, no matter the season.

Together, we can keep our green habits alive through the fall and beyond, building a healthier, more sustainable Galena. So let’s bundle up, keep composting, and turn this fall’s waste into next spring’s growth!