We know the topic of trash can be a touchy one, but it doesn’t have to be. Figuring out how to get rid of waste can bring a bunch of questions. We are here to answer your many questions. We have been serving the Joplin area for over 100 years. We know the business of trash. We also know there is no shame in asking important questions when it comes to how you can properly get rid of your waste whether from a commercial or residential standpoint.

What are the dimensions of the containers?

We offer different dimensions for our roll-off dumpsters so you are able to find one best suited for your needs.

The dimensions we offer are:

• 10 yards – 8 ft wide x 3 ft tall x 16 ft long

• 20 yards – 8 ft wide x 3 ft tall x 18 ft long

• 30 yards – 8 ft wide x 6 ft tall x 22 ft long

• 40 yards – 8ft wide x 8 ft tall x 22ft long

If you aren’t sure which of these dumpster dimensions is right for you we will help you assess your needs and give our professional and honest opinion.

What if I overfill my dumpster/box?

Avoiding overfilling is best. This can be done by properly choosing a right-sized dumpster box for your disposal needs. It is important to give all information regarding what all your disposing needs are in order for us to properly advise the correct dumpster box size. In the event of over-filling here are our policies:

• For safety reasons filling the dumpster over the fill line or top of the box is not permitted.

• Overfilled boxes will not be collected, and an additional $100 over-filling charge will be applied to reschedule collection at a later time/date.

• Any extra weight/time charges will also be applied.

What is the capacity of each size container?

Knowing the capacity of the size container you choose can help you not overfill the dumpster. Knowing this ahead of time can help you determine the best option.

• 6 yards can hold approx. 2 ½ standard pickup truck loads

• 10 yards can hold approx. 3-5 standard pickup truck loads

• 20 yards can hold approx. 7-9 standard pickup truck loads

• 30 yards can hold approx. 11-13 standard pickup truck loads

• 40 yards can hold approx. 12-14 standard pickup truck loads

Why choose Jordan Disposal, LLC?

We have been doing this for over 100 years. We love our job and take pride in doing it correctly. We firmly believe in upfront pricing, no additional fees, and friendly customer service that answers the phone.

Have questions about dumpster rentals? Not sure what you need? Contact us today, we are ready to answer.