Did you know that although the rough, durable material of a tire is difficult to recycle, there are many ways in which tires can be recycled into useful products? Let’s examine a few of the ways in which we may have seen tires recycled without even knowing that the product was made out of old tire shreds. 

Tires Are Burned As Fuel. 

Shredded Tires are often used as fuel in industrial paper factories and electric utilities. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, “About 130 million tires are used annually as tire-derived fuel, making TDF the single biggest use for old tires.” 

Tires Are Used To Reduce Vibration.

Shredding Tires have been used in construction for several years. As the environmental regulations and technologies have changed, many civil engineers have found ways to use tires for construction sites such as railway lines. When used in this particular manner, the shredded tires are utilized to create a vibration-reducing material lining for the inside of the railway. 

Tires Are Used For Their Shock-Absorbing Nature. 

Tires can also be used on normal, everyday roads as well. Often times, construction workers will use tires mixed with concrete or asphalt as the material for streets. You have also probably seen tires in the form of street bumps, street curbs, and highway crash bumpers. Another way tires are recycled in this way is on playgrounds and athletic tracks.

Curious How You Can Start Recycling Your Tires Today?

The best thing that you can do for your tires is to take good care of the tires on your car. Make sure you routinely inflate your tires, take them in to get them rotated & balanced, and always align your tires when needed. By doing so, you will be helping the environment while your tires are still on your car. 

Now, when it comes time to change your tires. We recommend taking your old tires to Jordan Disposal’s Tire Service. 

Jordan Disposal: 

Our Tri-State area tire disposal service is located in Galena, Kansas at our Tire processing plant. We accept all road vehicle tires from cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Semi trucks and commercial vehicle tires. For bulk deliveries, we will unload your trailer and charge per ton of tires. For low volumes of tires / single tires, these can be dropped at the landfill sorting station and charged per tire. We can also send a roll-off dumpster, or set a semi-trailer either as a one-off service, or a scheduled tire collection service. Typically, a 30 cubic yard box will hold approx. 4 tons of car/truck tires.

Curious about our Tire Disposal services? Give us a call today!