At Jordan Disposal, safety is not just a priority, it’s a core value. We understand that our landfill operations are significant components of the community, and as such, we believe it is our responsibility to maintain a safe and secure environment for both our employees and customers. As we recognize National Safety Month, let’s take a closer look at how we ensure safety at our landfill.

Strict Adherence to Rules and Regulations

Our safety-first approach begins with strict adherence to the regulations set forth by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). This means following all necessary safety protocols, including rules about smoking, speed limits within the landfill, and necessary precautions during hazardous weather conditions.

Safety Gear for All

Safety on the landfill requires appropriate gear. Everyone who visits our landfill is required to wear a hard hat, safety vest, and closed-toe shoes. Customers can borrow a hard hat and safety vest from our scale house free of charge, or purchase new ones. This equipment reduces the risk of injury and enhances visibility on the site.

Customer Guidance and Assistance

Our staff is trained to provide clear instructions to our customers. From weighing in and out of the landfill on our scales/weighbridge to the appropriate unloading zones, we ensure our customers understand and follow every safety guideline. Please note that, due to safety and liability, we do not use our equipment to help unload, unless it’s a specific prior arrangement.

Bad Weather Protocols

We understand that weather conditions can impact operations. During instances of slick roads, freezing weather, or lightning strikes, we prioritize the safety of our drivers and customers. All operational decisions during bad weather are determined by the managers, and any affected customer will be promptly contacted. Updates on weather conditions are available through our office or on our Facebook page.

Safe Disposal Practices

Our landfill is designed to handle Construction and Demotion (C&D) debris. We provide clear guidelines on what can and can’t be dumped in our landfill, and we have a designated sorting and recycling station for other types of waste. These practices not only protect the environment but also ensure the safety of the landfill operation.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we are committed to creating a safe and healthy environment at Jordan Disposal. We take pride in our safety culture and will continue to make necessary improvements to keep our employees, customers, and community safe.