A TrashSac may quite literally be the easiest way to get rid of unwanted trash. However, it is important to know what exactly is acceptable to toss in your Sac. We hope you find this guideline helpful. 

Toss These In Your TrashSac.

1. If you are in the process of remodeling or doing construction work, you may want to consider having a TrashSac handy to dispose of your unwanted construction and demolition debris.

2. When you are walking around your yard or neighborhood picking up trash, be sure to use a TrashSac. Make sure that you don’t throw When throwing away yard waste, make sure that you are not mixing any plastics in with it.

3. Perhaps you are doing some yard work around your house and need to dispose of extra rocks, concrete, and dirt. You may do so using a designated TrashSac for that sole purpose.

4. A good rule of the thumb is that you may throw any trash into your sac that would be accepted by your regular trash service.

5. You may also use the sac to dispose of Asbestos (non-friable). A completed manifest of the materials and source would be required (state regulations). 

Do Not Throw These In Your TrashSac.

1. Chemicals, paint, oils, electronics, and batteries should be disposed of properly based off the materials they contain. No hazardous items or waste should ever be thrown into your TrashSac.

2. Do not mix different types of waste or a different waste other than what you have paid for. If we find waste in your TrashSac that is not in compliance, we will not pick up your TrashSac without payment of a re-routing fee. 

3. Loads are not mixed so a dedicated truck/route will be collecting your TrashSac only for that specified waste that you have booked. That is why it is important to only throw away the items you had planned and to not combined extra items in the mix.

Rent A TrashSac.

You simply contact our team to request a TrashSac and we will mail it to you. Upon arrival, please fill the TrashSac by following the guidelines above, and then when you are finished we will haul it away for you.

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