Choosing the right size dumpster for your needs is an important decision, whether you are completing a home renovation project or managing waste at a construction site. Jordan Disposal, a leading dumpster rental company, offers a range of dumpster sizes to meet the needs of its customers. But how do you know which is the right size to choose?

Project Size and Scope

First and foremost, consider the size and scope of your project. If you are completing a small renovation or decluttering project, an 8-yard dumpster may be sufficient. For larger projects, such as a home remodel or construction site, you may need a 20-yard or 30-yard dumpster. If you are unsure of the appropriate size, contact Jordan Disposal for guidance and recommendations.

Types of Materials Being Discarded

Next, consider the types of materials you will be disposing of. Different materials have different weights, and the weight of the materials will impact the size of the dumpster needed. For example, if you are disposing of bulky furniture or construction debris, you may need a larger dumpster than if you are disposing of lightweight items, such as cardboard or plastic.

Project Duration

Another factor to consider is the duration of your project. If you anticipate a long-term project, you may need to rent a larger dumpster to accommodate the ongoing waste disposal needs. On the other hand, if your project is short-term or you have limited space for a dumpster, a smaller size may be more appropriate.

Questions? Ask Jordan Disposal

In addition to the size of the dumpster, it is important to consider the level of customer service provided by the rental company. Look for a company, like Jordan Disposal, that provides prompt and reliable service, including on-time delivery and pick-up of the dumpster, as well as transparent pricing and billing practices.

Choosing the right size dumpster for your needs can require careful consideration. Jordan Disposal offers a range of dumpster sizes and exceptional customer service to ensure that your waste disposal needs are met with efficiency and professionalism. Contact us today for assistance in selecting the appropriate dumpster size for your specific needs!