As a trusted name in waste management, Jordan Disposal has been dutifully serving the Joplin area for over a century. Our commitment to providing reliable and comprehensive waste solutions is as strong as it was over 100 years ago. A key component of our service is the Galena Landfill, which we have been managing since 2011. What’s truly special about this facility, apart from our robust services, is its location. The strategic position of the Galena Landfill underscores its significant role in our mission to offer convenient and effective waste disposal solutions.

Centrally Located

The Galena Landfill is situated in Galena, Kansas, just west of Joplin. It lies right off Old Route 66, placing it in a convenient spot that’s easily accessible for both local residents and businesses in the entire Tri-State area. This means that whether you have a small load of household trash or a large load of construction and demolition waste, getting to the landfill is hassle-free. The easy accessibility of our landfill is an essential factor in reducing the time, costs, and resources spent on waste transportation, allowing for a more sustainable waste management process.

Vast Service Area

Another advantage of our landfill’s location is its proximity to a vast service area. By strategically positioning our services close to our customers, we can rapidly respond to the waste management needs of a diverse range of clients. This includes everyone from homeowners carrying out a small remodel, to contractors tackling large construction projects. Our prime location allows us to efficiently service all of our clients, saving them valuable time and making their projects run smoother.

Local Community

Our location in Galena is not only about geographical convenience, however. Being a local business deeply rooted in this community allows us to understand and cater to the specific waste management needs of the residents and businesses in and around Galena and the wider Joplin area. It’s not just about proximity; it’s about being part of the community. We’re not an impersonal, far-off corporation – we’re your neighbors.

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At Jordan Disposal, our priority is to deliver superior service and exceed customer expectations at every turn. The strategic position of the Galena Landfill is just one example of how we work to achieve this mission. By considering factors like ease of access, service efficiency, and environmental responsibility, we are ensuring that we can continue to offer reliable, affordable, and sustainable waste management solutions for years to come. Whether you need a one-time dumpster rental or regular commercial waste collection, we invite you to experience the Jordan Disposal difference.