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At the beginning of 2019, we started a large-scale tire processing plant for the quick and easy disposal of bulk waste tires. With our tire shredding facility, we can now handle 100 tons of tires per day approximately. We most often receive and process tires in 53ft semi-trailers which we unload into our tire processing facility. Typically, we can empty your trailer on the same day. A lot of our customers have multiple trailers so they pick up an empty one when they drop their full trailer.


There are more than a billion passenger vehicles estimated to be in the world. If you think about the number of tires that will be eventually disposed of from those vehicles the number is astounding. Just in the United States, an estimated 300 million tires are thrown out every year. Where do you guess those tires go? You’ll be happy to know that tire recycling has made a ton of improvements in the past few years, thanks to new innovative technologies. Tire recycling has been beneficial to the environment in many ways. In this blog, we’ve listed some ways that recycling tires can help the environment.


Because of their circular shape and hollow interior, tires can take up a lot of space in landfills. Around 11 percent of old tires are dumped into landfills, it takes hundreds of years for the rubber to decompose which means the tire you show out will most likely outlive you. Because of their size, tires are often a major culprit when it comes to filling up landfill space. With tire shredding, landfill space can be conserved. Large and bulky tires are removed, leaving more space in landfills for things that cannot be easily recycled.


Old tires that have been thrown out and left in backyards, parking lots, and on the side of the road are not only sad to look at, they also create homes for rodents and insects that can carry diseases. Like a lot of abandoned spaces, old tires make good homes for animals. Tires give warmth and shelter to small pests, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to find that the old tires you left in your backyard now have new residents. Rats can also use a tower of tires to find their way into homes and search for food.


Abandoned tires left in old empty lots can easily catch fire. Accidents, arson, or lightning, etc. can cause these tires to ignite. There are two types of tire fires. The first type is a slow-burning fire which causes smoke to carry toxic materials. The second type is a fast-burning fire that contains harmful elements like sulfur dioxide and Carmon dioxide.

Putting out tire fires is difficult. However, allowing tires to continue to burn means letting large amounts of smoke, soot, and toxic chemicals and gasses to harm the environment. One method of putting it out is to smother the tire with dirt, but this can also lead to the tires smoldering underground for many years. Another option is using a combination of foaming agents and water, this may put the fire out but will most likely contaminate groundwater in the process. Recycling tires is important because it will lead to fewer tires in the world ending up as fire hazards.


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