The Jordan Disposal team is excited to introduce our new neighbors Yellow Iron and Truck Repair will be open in 2023! 

Call, or text (620) 210-1599 for more information. 

The Yellow Iron team specializes in servicing and repairs or rebuilds for your heavy equipment and trucks. We have a team of experienced mechanics that pride themselves in providing the highest level of service and expertise.

Where is Yellow Iron Located

Conveniently located right on Old Route 66 in Galena Kansas, we have facilities to service and rebuild equipment indoors in our newly added shop. We maintain truck and heavy equipment fleets. We can also provide mobile service for contract customers. 

How Did Yellow Iron Begin

Originally started as the Maintenance shop for Jordan Disposal, based at our location in Galena KS. As Jordan Disposal fleet and service grew, as did our ongoing maintenance requirements. In Sept 2022, we decided to set up a service shop to provide our skilled technical know-how to other customers. Thus “Yellow Iron and Truck Repair” was born. Still providing the fleet maintenance for Jordan Disposal for Roll-off trucks, Trash Trucks, Semi-trucks, and trailers, as well as all the heavy equipment and even all of our processing equipment. 

Yellow Iron’s Commitment to The Community 

Through a need to keep running and especially with the limited supply of parts and labor, we have been forced to learn and grow as a team. Often projects involve rebuilding parts for which replacements cannot readily or economically be found. Anything from an oil change, to a fully new engine build and swap on large heavy equipment, is within our capability. 

Our goal is to continue to implement our core value of a high level of service and excellence as well as great customer communication. We will always do what is best for our customers. 

Contact Us 

Yellow Iron and Truck Repair is ready to serve the local community with convenient and quick truck and yellow iron services. Call or Text (620) 210-1599 for more information on service time availability.

At Jordan Disposal we have many options for renting dumpsters. Let us help you choose the dumpster that will fit your needs and work best for your project! Contact us today to rent a dumpster for your next project and to take advantage of our current sale. You can contact us by filling out the contact form on our website.