1. Break Down Debris The Items That Can Broken Down

A rule of thumb is that you want to break everything that can be broken down into a small product so that you save lots of space in your dumpster to get the most out of it. 

2. Flatten All Cardboard Boxes To Save Space

When cleaning out your garage, storage shed, or home, you probably have several cardboard boxes that you will be throwing into your dumpster. Again, to save room, break down these boxes so that you can fit more items in your dumpster. 

3. Heavier Items Should Go On Bottom

It’s important to distribute the weight evenly throughout your dumpster, and it is also important that you put the heavier items on the bottom. Start by filling your dumpster with furniture, appliances, or other bigger items that you are disposing of so that the bulk of heavy items is on the bottom. 

4. Place Other Items In The Gaps

To manage your space the best way, fill in all the remaining gaps of your dumpster with debris you plan to get rid of. Be mindful of the dumpster space that you have and try to place items strategically so that more items can fit in it without it overflowing on top. Don’t be afraid to fill in all those gaps underneath the items such as furniture. You’ll be getting the most value out of your dumpster rental when you don’t forget about this step. 

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