We have an excellent, hardworking staff here at Jordan Disposal and this month we took the time to ask each member a few questions about their job and experience working for our trash disposal company. We’d like to introduce you to our new General Manager & Sales Manager, Michelle Murphy.

How Long Have You Worked At Jordan Disposal?

“I’ve worked at Jordan Disposal for two years now.”

What Does Your Job Entail? What Does A Normal Day Look Like For You?

“As the Sales Manager, I oversee all sales on our roll-off dumpsters, commercial dumpsters, and residential service. I also set up new landfill customers with everything that they need. If you want a quote or to order a service, you get sent my way.  This keeps me very busy! As the General Manager, I am in charge of the office staff as well as the drivers. It is also my job at the end of every day to create the driver’s routes for the following day. I am also in charge of billing for our customers.”

What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

“I love everything about my job and am very proud of where I work. I would say the thing I like most about my job is meeting new potential customers and all of our current customers. We provide excellent service and I enjoy hearing our customers praise us for that.”

What Drew You To Jordan Disposal Originally? And How Has Jordan Disposal Changed Since?

“Originally what drew me to Jordan Disposal was the fact that this is a locally owned company. Jordan Disposal has almost tripled in size since I have started working here, but we have still maintained that family atmosphere.”

What is your proudest moment at Jordan Disposal?

“My proudest moment at Jordan Disposal would be getting Schuber Mitchell, the #1 home builder in our area, under contract to exclusively use us as their waste hauler. My 2nd proudest moment would be getting Boston Mountain Waste District to use our tire disposal facility, making them our biggest tire customer.”


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