With the departure of former General Manager Gregg Klumper, Michelle has been promoted to
the General Manager position at Jordan Disposal LLC.

We are excited to see Michelle blossom into the new position and challenge at Jordan Disposal.
She strongly represents our core values of Customer Service and building a strong team of
employees and workforce.

Michelle had held the sales manager position at Jordan Disposal for over 2 years, and prior to
that had been working at WCA for 15 years as office manager and latterly also in sales.
Michelle will be taking on some training courses and qualifications in Business and
management to bolster her practical experience, and we are confident that she will lead the
business in a positive direction as we continue to grow and expand our services.

In December 2018, Jordan Disposal was acquired by new owners and has endured significant
change and growth. Operating a significant fleet of Roll-off trucks and dumpsters as well as
commercial rear-load trash truck service in the tri-state area. Based out of Galena Kansas, on
the old Route 66, where Jordan Disposal also manages the City of Galena Landfill – a
construction and demolition (C&D) debris landfill. In addition, we have a sorting station for
mixed trash and smaller waste loads. Jordan Disposal also offers tire disposal services, receiving
and processing waste tires in bulk, servicing tire installers, city tire cleanup’s as well as counties
and waste districts in the greater area for large volume tire disposal.

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