We have an excellent, hardworking staff here at Jordan Disposal and this month we took the time to ask each member a few questions about their job and experience working for our trash disposal company. We’d like to first introduce you to our Office Administrator, Robin Kriebach.

How Long Have You Worked At Jordan Disposal?

I have worked at this company for 1 and a half years now.

What Are You Most Excited About At Jordan?

I am most excited about working with such a great set of people; both coworkers and customers. They are all a part of why I enjoy my day.

How Has Jordan Disposal Helped You In Your Career Development?

I would say that Jordan has helped broaden my experience base. My job here has allowed for growth in administrative duties, as well as, scale house assistance.

If You Could Pick One Theme For Jordan Disposal To Turn Into A Book About The Company, What Would It Be?

What we do does matter. The little details like offering water/pop to our customers help to improve customer relations. Separating trash out accurately creates a cleaner, more functional community. Greeting our customers with a smile, or saying goodbye with cheer, creates an atmosphere where people are not just comfortable returning but want to do more to help us keep the environment cleaner. They might use us the first time because we’re more affordable, but they come back because we care about what we do and how we do it.

What Three Words Describe Jordan Disposal?

I would describe our company as responsible, equitable, and valuable. We value the effort we put into organizing the landfill and keeping it working smoothly and up to our standards. We treat everyone fairly with the same standards and expectations. Likewise, we do our best to provide the best value and rates while still being able to meet our financial responsibilities.

What Is Your Wish List For The Next 10 Years With Jordan Disposal?

I would love to continue creating a workforce with hardworking people who value what we do here.

Contact Jordan Disposal

At Jordan Disposal, we can haul many types of waste, including Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris, household trash/municipal waste, asbestos, tires, etc. We offer great services at great rates, and our professional drivers and equipment ensure that you get your boxes set where you need them on time. To sign up early for your residential waste removal service, please call Michelle at (417) 624-4469.