At Jordan Disposal we have many options for renting dumpsters. Need to do some spring cleaning? Or maybe you’re finally getting around to that project you’ve been putting off now that it’s warm outside? Let us help you choose the dumpster that will fit your needs and work best for your project!

Our Services

Jordan Disposal Roll-off Dumpster Rental has been serving the Joplin area for over 100 years, and the tradition of a family business and caring service continues today. We have managed the City of Galena Construction & Demolition Landfill since 2011 and offer a convenient and affordable place to dispose of all construction, demolition, roofing waste, household trash, and tires. Our professional and courteous staff will always be on hand to assist in selecting a dumpster. We pride ourselves on offering the best service in the area. We can offer a variety of services from our fleet – whether a regular 10, 20, or 30-yard roll-off, or a 6 or 8-yard rear load dumpster which can be set and serviced/emptied on a regular basis.

What are the Dimensions of the Roll Off & Rear Load Dumpsters?

6 yards – 5 ½ ft wide x 4 ft tall x 10 ft long,

10 yards – 8 ft wide x 3 ft tall x 16 ft long,

20 yards – 8 ft wide x 3 ft tall x 18 ft long,

30 yards – 8 ft wide x 6 ft tall x 22 ft long,

40 yards – 8ft wide x 8 ft tall x 22ft long.

What is the Capacity of Each Size Container?

6 yards can hold approx. 2 ½ standard pickup truck loads,

10 yards can hold approx. 3-5 standard pickup truck loads,

20 yards can hold approx. 7-9 standard pickup truck loads,

30 yards can hold approx. 11-13 standard pickup truck loads,

40 yards can hold approx. 12-14 standard pickup truck loads.

Work on Your Schedule

Big projects can take a long time, sometimes longer than you anticipate. Factors beyond your control, like weather or late contractors, can throw off your timeline. Keep a roll-off dumpster on-site for as long as you need it. Take your time collecting your waste, so you can prioritize other aspects of your project. Clean-out or clean-up projects don’t always go as planned. Sometimes they even finish sooner than you expected. You can still keep the rented dumpster for as long as you have it rented. You might find additional uses for it and even start on your next project. However, your timeline plays out, renting a dumpster gives you more flexibility.

Why Choose Jordan Disposal, LLC?

Jordan Disposal is locally owned and operated and has been in the trash industry for over 100 years. We believe in upfront pricing, no additional fees, and friendly customer service.

Contact Us

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