Working on a big renovation project and trying to decide whether you should use a Junk Removal service or just rent a big dumpster to throw your debris in? Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a company such as Jordan Disposal for your home remodeling projects or building construction needs. 

If you were to go with a Junk Removal Company…

You would most likely receive the following service. 

Most junk hauling services are willing to do all the heavy lifting for you. They will remove big items from areas that may usually be hard to access or haul items out of. This would make them useful for residential needs when hauling away particular items such as old couches, etc. 

The unfortunate part about hiring a company like this is that they are a one-and-done service. So let’s say that someone comes and picks up a load of items, but then you find more items later that you are ready to give rid of as well. You have to hire the company again to come out and haul away all your unwanted goods. This can be a bit of a hassle.

With that being said, Junk Removal services are best used for small projects when you only need a few items picked up quickly. 

The other thing to consider when you are using a junk removal company is that they may have add-on costs for picking up bulky items, such as furniture or appliances. So while you are already paying the company for the hauling service, you may also have to pay add-on costs for the items being hauled. Each cost will incur additional costs, and end up being more expensive than just renting a full dumpster. 

If you were to hire a dumpster rental service like Jordan Disposal…

We make disposing of unwanted items super affordable and easy. We have many different sized dumpsters to fit any projects and pickup options no matter the job. We are ready to assist you with your debris removal needs. 

On the job site, such as construction sites, it is important to keep your work environment safe. Avoid leaving waste sitting out in exposed piles because this may be a tripping hazard and will potentially cause serious accidents for all those involved. Consider, instead, having a dumpster on site to easily be able to toss and contain all unwanted construction debris.

Hiring a dumpster rental service is also more affordable. At Jordan Disposal, you’ll never have to worry about add-on or hidden fees. 

Jordan Disposal is a professional and reliable dumpster rental service that will make sure you get your dumpster onsite, on time, and ahead of schedule. We will make sure you have the dumpster size you need to handle your project and will provide dumpster pick-up services as you are finished. We will also make sure your dumpster items get disposed of properly in our landfill. Contact Jordan Disposal today! You can view our website here